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Edit 2022: Kujira launched in Q4 2021 on the Terra blockchain (now Terra Classic). They started as a liquidation platform. After the Terra collapse they wasted no time and started building their own chain on Cosmos. Since the release of Kujira main-net, they have added numerous features and improvements

What is Kujira?

Kujira is committed to levelling the playing field in decentralized finance by building dApps for regular crypto users. Kujira are a team of finance, blockchain & software development experts specifically targeting areas of DeFi typically reserved for ‘techies’ or elites (people with access to bots or large capital).

Kujira's Vision

To be truly revolutionary, DeFi must generate income when the market is up AND when it's down. Kujira is committed to helping retail investors go beyond Exchanges, Staking and ICOs to open up opportunities once reserved for whales, elites and insiders.

Kujira's Mission

Build tools that are easy and cost effective to use for everyone, from the novice crypto enthusiast to the seasoned retail investor, regardless of their chain of choice, without needing to risk more than they can afford to lose.

Cetacean Capital are first and foremost a great bunch of people with incredible insight and experience, especially in the Terra ecosystem. Secondly, they are able to provide sizeable capital at various rounds of the funding cycle. We look forward to a long and happy partnership with them.



Kujira Team
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