Yield Foundry DAO is building the next generation of smart, community-owned, structured vaults

Y-Foundry DAO (YFD), a decentralized vault factory building on Terra, gives users the tools to customize yield and create vaults with bespoke strategies that can be shared with the community.

On the platform, $YFD tokenholders would be able to create ‘vault proposals’, which are then taken through a governance process to become ratified, funded, and built into a usable vault. Vault proposers would be called ‘strategists’ and are the principal lead designer of each vault. Meanwhile, ‘boosters’ are users who commit funds (as locked $YFD tokens) toward vaults in order to bootstrap their production.

Just like a steel foundry, once the cast and material are sourced, community vaults can be produced in rapid succession by a rotating team of developers, who build vaults in return for payment in $YFD or a share of vault fees. Ecosystem partners can also participate by partnering with vaults by providing assets or guidance on how to best integrate with their project, thereby creating a reciprocal flow of TVL and fee income for both the protocol and the partner.

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