We place investments & form partnerships
with disruptive visionaries to accelerate their
ideas to market

3C: Cetacean Capital Catalysts

A framework suite of workshop programs that help catalyse our partner companies


White paper analysis, mentorship, governance, structure, out-of-the-box thinking – what if’s?


Market optimised tokenisation metrics to underwrite inflationary models of growth and market allure


Sufficient funding and runway offering founder friendly terms for the right risk reward venture


Access to industry contacts and connections. Introductions to partners, customers and networks.


Profile raising, brand equity building, community growth, project marketing and social media penetration.


Skilled and experienced talent to support community communications and team growth

Gain far more
than just capital

As seasoned professionals in the blockchain space we are patient and long-term investors that have your back. The earlier we can invest the more helpful we can be. We assess the current state of your mission, help set a clear path towards the future, and activate capital so the business can deliver upon goals efficiently.

  • Credibility: We are strategic investors that truly understand your products and market, becoming your biggest champions.
  • Access: Business development is built into our DNA – we work tirelessly to connect our portfolio executives with partners and opportunities.
  • Advice: Our pod contains a deep bench of experienced operators who provide mentorship solutions on growth related issues.
Why Choose us?

White Paper Support

A solid white paper is key to a successful startup. We can help guide you through what is important, how to convey the information in a concise but effective manner.


Tokenomics are essential for setting up the long-term success of your project. We can help you figure out all the small details in order to create a foundation for many years to come.

Tech Support

We have talented individuals in our pod that have successfully launched large-scale projects on blockchains, so we've got your back when it comes to the technical aspect of your project.

Launch Support

Launching a project is not only stressfull, but quite a daunting task. We are here to help smooth things out and make the release as great as it can be.

Community Support

Having a community around your project is essencial to it's success. We have vast experience managing communities, from Telegram to Discord groups, to SubReddits and Medium articles, we can help create a friendly and strong user-base.

Contact & Partnerships

Having been in the crypto-space for many years now, we are able to connect you and your team with other groups or individuals that can help boost your project even further.

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